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Migrating to the sandboxed version of EventScripts (version 1.07 and above)

With version 1.07, EventScripts runs within a 'sandbox'. This means there have had to be some changes under the hood. The main changes are as follows:

  • All scripts executed by EventScripts must live in the designated EventScripts scripts folder
  • EventScripts no longer sets environment variables for the shell scripts it executes, instead information is passed in as parameters
  • EventScripts now require Mac OS 10.8 or above

The designated EventScripts script folder can be found at the following path:

~/Library/Application Scripts/net.mousedown.EventScripts

This folder can most easily be accessed by clicking the new "Open Folder" button in the EventScripts interface.

Migrating the scripts is simply a case of moving the scripts to this folder, adding them back into EventScripts and assigning them to the correct events. However as some people have a large number of scripts in EventScripts - we've written a simple AppleScript to do this task for you. You can download this script here.

Migrating your scripts using our migration tool

Due to Apple's sandboxing rules, the EventScripts application is not allowed to move scripts into its own scripts folder. To help you migrate you can use our AppleScript migration script. This copies your scripts into the EventScripts script directory, and tells EventScripts about their new location. Download and unzip the tool and double click it to run it. The tool gives you the opportunity to abort the migration. You can elect to organise the copied scripts within the EventScripts script folder by event. The default is not to, instead copying all the scripts to the root of the EventScripts script directory. Once completed, your scripts should have been copied to the EventScripts script folder, and now should show again in the EventScripts user interface.