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"Powerful applescript triggering"
★★★★ jason at, App Store USA

"無料の「EventScripts Mobile」を一緒に使えばiPhoneをトリガーとして使うことができ,より楽しめます。"
★★★★★ fixdot, App Store Japan

"Very handy..."
★★★★★ Lley Lley, App Store USA

EventScripts is an application for triggering AppleScripts or shell scripts whenever certain events occur.

Perhaps you would like to execute a script every time the track changes in iTunes, or whenever your internet connection drops? Maybe you'd like to trigger a script every time the location of your computer changes?

All these and much more are possible with EventScripts.

If you're upgrading to EventScripts 1.07 from an earlier version, then please check our migration page for details of all changes.

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EventScripts Mobile

"Full Remote control with freedom..."
★★★★★ Acidham, App Store Switzerland

EventScripts Mobile allows you to trigger scripts on your Mac from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

EventScripts Mobile is a free companion app to EventScripts. With EventScripts Mobile you can trigger scripts on any Mac running EventScripts on your Bonjour network

EventScripts Mobile requires EventScripts 1.02 or later

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Twitter Scripter

★★★★★ Fixdot, App Store Japan

Twitter Scripter is an agent that makes functionality from the Twitter API and Mountain Lion's built in Twitter support available to AppleScript.

With Twitter Scripter you can send tweets including picture messages, as well as retrieve timeline information from the Twitter API. Twitter Scripter uses Mountain Lion's built in support for Twitter so that no complicated authentication is required in your scripts.

Download Twitter Scripter here

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Location Helper

"Hot Stuff: What we're raving about this month"
Roman Loyola, Macworld USA, March 2012

"I've been waiting for something like this since
Core Location was announced..."
★★★★★ MesoMan, App Store US

Location Helper is an agent that brings the power of Core Location and the Google Maps API to AppleScript. You can use Location Helper to find your current location, altitude, to geocode addresses, and even 'reverse geocode' your current location.

Location Helper also contains all the functionality of our popular app JSON Helper, which allows you to parse JSON into AppleScript records, and convert AppleScript lists, records and strings into JSON.

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JSON Helper

"It's intuitive, it works very well, and it makes parsing
JSON in Applescript possible with ease"
★★★★★ Bruce Ure, App Store UK

"Very helpful for anyone dealing with JSON and Applescript
Nothing else is this easy"
★★★★★ sm@rg, App Store USA

JSON Helper is an agent that allows you to do useful things with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) directly from AppleScript. You can parse JSON into AppleScript records and lists, and back again.

JSON Helper also includes some convenience commands for fetching JSON directly from web services, and supports basic HTTP authentication.